Song of the Day: July 1

(from Michael Barrett)

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson was at the Moab Music Festival in 1997 for an auspicious event. The Grand County High School had just opened their brand new campus. Fortunately, their forward-thinking County Superintendent, Richard Averitt, had consulted with me about the “cafeteria/multi-purpose room they were intending to build. I was able to convince him to create an auditorium for public performances, and this was the first public event. It’s a beautiful room that can accommodate a symphony orchestra, or a major broadway musical or opera. In this case, we had a chamber orchestra and some extraordinary music making.

Today’s song is “Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder” from Mahler’s Rueckert Lieder. The chamber orchestration is by Philip West. Lorraine Hunt (later to add Lieberson to her name) is the mezzo, and Michael Barrett is conducting these excellent players:

Violin: Stefan Hersh, Cenovia Cummins, Roberta Freier, Lisa Fako; Viola: Leslie Tomkins, Paul Hersh; Cello: Tanya Tomkins, Dorothy Lawson; Bass: Robert Black; Flute: Timothy Day; Clarinet: Chris Cullen, Eric Thomas; Oboe: Marilyn Coyne; Bassoon: John Steinmetz; French Horn: Neil DeLand; Harp: Lisa Rytting

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