Song of the Day: November 18

Steven Blier (photo Liv Hoffman)Some Caetano Veloso from Steven Blier: 

The theme of the week seems to be comfort—the music I turn to when the pressure is on, and the world news is nightmarish. One of my go-to guys is the Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso, and my favorite of his albums is “Fina Estampa.” I have a special fondness for this CD because my now-husband popped it into his CD player on our second date (our first was at Carnegie Hall for La cenerentola). I’d never heard the recording before, and I remember thinking, “If he’s already figured out how much I would like this music, he’s got a lot on the ball.” I still love “Fina Estampa,” with its elegant, simple arrangements, easy rhythmic groove, and first-class songs. And I appreciate the way Veloso carries himself in these videos, wearing his years lightly, a model of grace and quiet confidence—a “caballero de fina estampa” (a man of elegant aspect) indeed. It’s Wednesday, so you deserve two Veloso songs—the title song of the album and also a Brazilian piece by Amado Régis, introduced (I think!) by none other than Carmen Miranda.

Fina estampa

O Samba e o tango

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